2022 Interior Design Trends

2022 Interior Design Trends

After spending so much more time in our homes in 2020 and 2021—working, learning, playing, reflecting—it is no surprise that the design trends of 2022 reveal a few interesting shifts in how we are designing and decorating our living spaces. 

Many of these trends also show that we want our own personality (not that of our interior designer) to show in the way we decorate our home. 

Here are a few interior design trends we've seen in 2022 so far. 

Earth tones

Green tones are the "it" color of 2022

While people steer away from neutrals—and opt for more colors—the palette has stayed very close to hues found in nature. Think: rosy, terracotta tones, soft gray-greens and even some browns.

Mixing dark and earthy tones—blacks and grays paired with earthy tones—is also swoon-worthy. Check out our Moody Neutrals Collection for some inspiration.

Adrian Terracotta Multi Rug from Crane & Home
Adrian Terracotta Rug

Texture & patterns

Don't be afraid to incorporate patterns into your space.

If you're ready to go all in, consider a printed wallpaper. After being surrounded by mostly neutral or white walls for the past several years, it might be fun to show off more of your personality with patterns.

Fanciful wallpaper from Crane & Home


Sunday Best Wallpaper from Crane & Home

Sunday Best

Fox & Hare Wallpaper from Crane & Home

Fox & Hare

Not ready to commit to wallpaper just yet? Try adding in texture and patterns with your textiles, rugs and even artwork.

Adding certain textures can add even add some comfort to a space.

You've spent enough time in your home to figure out which parts are cozy—and which aren't. Upgrade to comfort wherever you can with a throw, extra pillows or even a pouf.

Think: velvet, sherpa, boucles.

Abbie Accent Bench from Crane & Home

Abbie Accent Bench

Dot Throw from Crane & Home

Dot Throw

Boucle Stool

Boucle Stool

Vintage mixed with modern

Think: unique pieces with tons of character.

Re-purpose what you already own or what you find thrifting and antiquing. And don't be afraid to mix antique pieces with more modern elements as well.

As a former antiques seller, I love this trend. Check out some of the special finds we have available in our store.

Large Wicker Demijohn from Crane & Home

Large Wicker Demijohn

Midcentury Nightstand from Crane & Home

Midcentury Nightstand

Natural light, elements & materials

Natural light never goes out of style. And with all the time we've spent indoors the past couple of years, natural light and outdoor views are highly desirable.

And while we enjoy the natural light, why not also add in some natural elements and materials to your decor?

Think: greenery (even if it's faux!), clay, wicker, wood and marble.

Wood Chain Links from Crane & Home

Wood Chain Links

Brick Red Flower Pot from Crane & Home

Red Brick Flower Pot

Marble Table Clock from Crane & Home


As we begin to see the true impact our 'buy it and throw it away' consumerism has on our planet, people are starting to look for more sustainable options for many household items—including home decor.

In addition to finding designers and manufacturers who take steps toward sustainability in the making of home decor, keep in mind timeless and classic decor pieces so that your living space can "live longer."

Develop a personal, lasting style. It's not only going to make your home beautiful and truly unique to you but it's good for the environment too.

White Bud Vase from Crane & Home

White Bud Vase

Estuary Framed Art from Crane & Home

Estuary Framed Art 

Versatile spaces

After moving to working and learning from home (and continuing to do so!), we have realized the importance of versatility in our spaces.

While we can't all afford to renovate our homes to make more space, we can keep this in mind in the pieces we select.

Will your dining table double as a desk? Can your bedroom furniture be arranged in an aesthetically pleasing way that also allows room for workout equipment? Can kid-sized furniture match your style?

Norshore Dining Table from Crane & Home

Norshore Dining Table

Kids Sherpa Chair from Crane & Home

While it is fun to see what professional designers are doing—and while some of these trends might help you make some interior design decisions this year—you should design your home in a way that makes you happy. Bottom line.

Make your home unique to your family—no matter what popular designers may say.

What design trend will you incorporate into your home this year?

As always, if you need help deciding on a piece of furniture for a certain space, or just want some ideas on how to incorporate some of these design trends into your home—feel free to chat with us through the button on our website. We love to help!

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