About Us

Pine + Hollow is a family-operated business based in North Carolina. While the store has operated in various forms since 2019, we've recently rebranded to serve you better. Post-Covid so many lifestyles changed, including ours. Instead of the hustle and bustle - our goal is to live more simply and really enjoy our home. Because of that, our focus has shifted to help you make your home a hideaway - focusing on furniture, appliances, and accessories that make your spot in the world an oasis that's worth staying in for.

Katie, our CEO, has dabbled in antiques and home décor over the past 10 years.  She was a top-selling vendor at the largest antique mall  in the south and co-started the Gray Door Market Antique Show held outside of Winston Salem, N.C. In addition, she's worked in fortune 40 retail, giving her an understanding of what it takes to be a top online retailer.

Pine + Hollow has been 10 years in the making. Everything we've learned through a combined 20 years in corporate life: marketing, retail, pricing, sales—plus the relationships we've built—have allowed us to build this business.
Through our online store, we offer luxury furniture and outdoor goods to make your hideaway home.

A few things about how we operate this business:
  • We are honest; maybe to a fault. But through that honesty, we hope you find a place you can trust.

  • We pride ourselves on customer service. YOU are more important to us than any sale. Mistakes happen and when they do, we want to make them right. But, we do ask you to read all listing details carefully. Some items may be slower to ship than others.

  • We are authentic. We aren't pretending to be anyone we aren't, and you shouldn't do that with your home. We have two kids and a messy house, so we understand the need for beautiful yet functional pieces.