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Dalisay Planter

Dalisay Planter

Pine + Hollow

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The Dalisay Planter is a modern, minimalist planter crafted from durable concrete or a similar cementitious material. This planter features a tapered, flared cylindrical shape that widens towards the top opening, offering a sleek and contemporary design. The speckled, textured surface finish in shades of light gray and charcoal is created by exposed aggregate or intentional pitting, providing a slightly rough, industrial aesthetic.

This low-profile, wide-mouthed planter is perfect for displaying small plants, succulents, or serving as a decorative accent piece. Its simple geometric form and neutral grey tones complement various interior design styles, from minimalist to urban industrial or loft environments.

Built for durability, the Dalisay Planter is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for bringing a touch of nature to living spaces, patios, and gardens. Enhance your decor with the understated elegance and contemporary look of the Dalisay Planter.


•Color Family: Grey

•Material: Fiber Composite


•19.5" x 17.0" x 13.0"; 20.2 lbs; 17" opening

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